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Choices – to Eco, or not to Eco

In everyone’s life, there are significant choices to be made, we all know this. Go left or right, get married, have a family, move to another job or home.

We started Earthworks without really contemplating the significance of what we were undertaking or why. We had a great vision and idea, but we hadn’t fully envisaged where we wanted it to go.

The reality of this decision became clearer every day.

Effective yet natural cleaning products we assumed would be met with open arms by consumers and businesses alike, yet not. There is a huge education process involved which flies in the face of the publicity attached to Government ECO aspirations in combating plastic pollution, global warming and the environment in general.

Our competitors are some of the biggest and most powerful lobbyists in the world today controlling an industry worth over 100 Billion USD. They advertise on TV and offer clever imagery of idyllic lifestyles for all. Subtle yet creating a mindset that does not question the effects of chemical-based detergent or the oversized packaging which accompanies it.

Detergent manufacturers are not required by law to disclose the ingredients on the packs and pouches they sell. Trade secrets evidently although I am sure each company is fully aware of its competitor’s ingredients are. So who are they worried about?

The eco-companies are not much better. Claims of 95% natural fail to point out that 5% is the potentially harmful bit. They all still primarily use Sodium Laureth, or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as their active ingredient as well as artificial fragrances, believed by many to cause allergic reactions and skin irritation.

“Eco” companies who produce products that don’t actually work are doing more harm than good. Destroying consumer faith in what can be achieved from a natural product, and ensuring that they are highly unlikely to try again and waste more money.

We are going to keep trying, keep producing a quality, effective product that is natural and does not use any potentially harmful chemicals.

We hope you will all join Earthworks on this journey.

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