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At Earthworks our objective is to offer all consumers whether household or commercial, natural alternatives to the typical, chemical based cleaning products in order to enable our customers to enhance their green credentials.

With every year that passes legislation wakes up to the idea that poisoning our water supply with traditional cleaning chemicals is not a great idea, at Earthworks we can to help our customers to be ahead of the game and change now “Be seen to be Green”.

Earthworks is based in Thailand close to the raw materials to reduce our carbon footprint, and manufactures all its own products – allowing us to customize our products to suit client requirements. This enables us to offer our commercial customers a really competitive option – reducing the costs to them and the environment.

We have developed liquids for washing raw wool before processing, for cleaning fabrics during the manufacturing process of garments and also washing plastic bottles during the recycling process. We can work with you to create products perfect for your specific needs. If you require your own Branded products such as hotel room soap we can accommodate this also.

We are here to work with you and your business requirements.

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