Frequently Asked Questions


While our soap isn't specifically formulated to kill coronavirus, the properties of soap make our soap bars a really effective tool in helping to combat the spread of the virus!

The outer layer of the virus is made up of fats, and soap binds with both water and fat; when it binds with water molecules, the push and pull of the soap against the fatty, protective outer layer of the virus actually tears that layer apart!

This is why doctors and scientists recommend washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with plenty of friction—to give enough time for the soap to work its magic and help destroy the bonds that keep the virus intact.

Yes, we are open and shipping your orders.

Our distribution centers are sanitizing surfaces according to Earthworks guidelines and all workers are implementing “social distancing” practices to be extra safe. Everyone who can, is working from home. If you’re concerned about the safety of receiving a box in your home, the World Health Organization has more info on the topic here .

Product Questions

Many brand-name "soaps" aren't soaps at all. If you start looking at the ingredients, you'll realize they're much more similar to chemical detergents! During the soap-making process, a byproduct is created called glycerin. Large companies, for the sake of mass-production and cost efficiency, will replace glycerin with chemicals. Glycerin is worth more than all those chemicals combined, providing the sought-after soothing and moisturizing properties that you're looking for in your soap!

Absolutely! Our soap ingredients are natural and safe for the skin and hair. All of our bars can be used on the face to provide a thorough yet gentle scrub. While our bars are not formulated to fight against acne, assist psoriasis, or relieve eczema, some of our customers have reported positive results!

Our Hand Soap Bars last up to 3 weeks and our Body Soaps up to 4 weeks on average with daily use. The longevity differs between households based on a variety of factors — the amount of lather, the amount of body hair, the frequency of use, and the water type. If you're looking to extend the life of your soap, we recommend using our Soap Saver.

All of our products are vegan. None of our products are made from tallow or any other animal fats. All other oils in our products are pure essential oils.

Here at Earthworks, we're 100% cruelty free. We love our furry friends and would never test any of our products on them.

We're making a substantial effort to reduce the impact of our packaging materials on the environment.

For our packaging, we use as little plastic as possible, and that which we have to use is recycled plastic. Our boxes are made from sustainably grown wood. Our packaging is designed to pack neatly together reducing our carbon footprint as we can ship much more efficiently.

Earthworks is based in Thailand close to the ingredients to keep the CO2 footprint as low as possible. All Earthworks products are made in our own production facilities and from the finest raw materials.